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First of all, I am honoured that you believe in yourself and me to give both of us this opportunity.  As I totally value your time and mine, this form will save both of us A LOT of work for the long term.  So, please take a moment to fill it out.  All the questions are designed intentionally to get to know you more as a person, as I believe skills can be learned, but not personality.  Many of my clients found out their breakthrough started from this pre-session exercise, even before they paid me. :)
Let's Go!
Your First and Last Name *

So I can address you properly, I hate to spell or call your name incorrectly :)
Your Best Email & Your Timezone *

So I can contact you via email.  When I feel we might be great fit to work together, it would be easier for me to propose the better time slots for our 20 min chat:)
What's your professional background in last 10 years? *

What are the HIGHs and LOWs from your professional experience? *

As you reflect back, what were the causes of those HIGHs? *

for example, when you describe one of your HIGHs, you might say something like: " I achieved to receive the promotion, because I was focused in the process, and diligently on my personal growth in that period of time. " Or "The reason why I earned over $5000 in less 1 week then was because I really served my prospects well, and successfully converted them to paying clients." 
As you reflect back, what were the causes of those LOWs? *

same as the HIGHs
What do you do with your leisure time? *

Describe some life-experiences that have taught you something about yourself, others, life, that you feel has been really valuable to you. *

So what are your personal goals, in other words what do you want to achieve out of life? *

How do you see yourself achieving these goals?  Do you have a process in place? *

Why did you go into business in the first place? *

How do you feel about your business last year? Have you achieved the goals you desired?  What did you learn from it? *

So what are your goals now? How bad do you want to achieve them? If you can place a dollar amount on it, how much does it VALUE for you? *

What are your frustrations about your business? *

Just before we finish up, I have one final question – If there was just one thing I could do for you right now, what would it be? *

Thank you for your time and love to answer the questions.  You are way above 97% of the population, you are beyond AWESOME!
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